statement of mission


Wesleyan College is committed to women’s education and helping every student find a unique voice and purpose. As the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women and shaped by Methodist values, Wesleyan provides students an academically challenging and relevant liberal arts education. Our diverse, inclusive community encourages creativity, innovation, and leadership so all graduates are prepared to thrive in a complex world.



Wesleyan’s community is:

  • Academically challenging: We believe students succeed when they are challenged academically. Wesleyan’s dedicated faculty and staff offer individualized support to motivate students to achieve their potential.
  • Purposeful: We believe students thrive when they have a purpose and a clear vision of their goals. Wesleyan helps students define these goals and strategically plan for the future. 
  • Inclusive: We believe all student voices are important. Wesleyan is diverse and inclusive, gaining strength from and celebrating the many ways we can learn from each other.  
  • Connected: We believe we gain strength from our connections to each other. Wesleyan encourages students to find their own places within a community and to contribute in meaningful ways. 


Approved by the Board of Trustees 5-18-18.